Successes of Folklore Group “Wiwaty” in 2009 year:

Successes of Folklore Group “Wiwaty” in 2009 year:

      • Great Poland meeting of Carol and Nativity Play Groups in MiędzychódLaureate title

  • Participation in parade of Easter Egg at the Market Square in Poznan – Palm Sunday

  • Domestic concurs of folklore groups in Złotów ensemble I place,

    backyard band II place

  • Voivodeship Folklore Review in Nowy TomyślI place - Laureate title

  • Participation in VII Krobi’s Meetings “Folklore is able to be likedin Krobia

  • Workshop in Crimea - Ukraine within Polish – Ukrainian Youth Exchange, cooperation with Culture National Centrum in Warsaw

  • Representation of Poland in World Review of Folklore “Integration: parade and concert in Poznan, Leszno, Wronki and Pobiedziska

  • Balkan Folklore Festival :, Primorsko ,Kiten, Carewo – Bulgaria

  • X Poviat Review of Folklore Ensembles in Lusowo – Poznan Starost’s price for the aggregate of operation

  • Participation in 110 anniversary of showed up monument of Julius Słowacki in Miłosław

  • VI Review of Backyard Band in Pobiedziska – guest performance

  • Participation in program Salt of earth” TV TRWAM recorded in Great Poland Ethnographic Park in Dziekanowice and in Pobiedziska

  • Videotape of TV program Music of our yards Only in Lvov”- folklore from Lvov - TV TRWAM in Torun

  • X edition of competition declared by self-government of Great Poland voivodeship: ”Pro-ecological and pro-cultural actions within strategy of development of countryside region” for project “Cultural heritage as a key for clover of Great Poland region - Laureate title

  • X Poviat Review of Carol and Nativity Play Groups in Pobiedziska – Laureate title
  • Participation in VI Christmas Bazaar in National Museum of Agriculture and Agricultural – Ford Industry in Szreniawa

  • Concert for participants of 32 European Meetings of Youth Taize' at the Poznan International Fair

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